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- Our Story -

Trattoria Nonna Lina is named after owner Simone's much-loved grandmother Lina.


Master chef Simone hails from Porto Santo Stefano, a quaint port where tethered yachts bob sleepily at its shores and seagulls hover over fishing boats trawling up fresh Mediterranean catch. As the sun sets, bathing suits are exchanged for casual wear as friends meet for evening aperitifs before adjourning to dinner. 



Life is simple.

At Trattoria Nonna Lina, the same rustic and comfortable dining atmosphere is re-created. Expect nothing but the best of traditional Tuscan cuisine, during lunch, aperitif and dinner hours. After all, food is not just about filling the stomach, or even satisfying the tastebuds. In typical Italian style, it's also about getting together, having fun and enjoying life with friends and loved ones.

And thus Nonna Lina, a place for everyone to feel at ease as though they’ve returned home, to a welcoming Italian grandmother’s kitchen. 

* * * 
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